Lease Your Car With Us

Just Lease Your Car With Us

Pinewoods offers you a great business opportunity with attractive returns on your investment. It is a fair & transparent system that creates the best partnership between Car Owners/Investors and Pinewoods.

If you are planning to buy a new car or already own a car, which is less than a year old and in excellent condition, you can be a proud part of the fleet right away!

Business Model

The liabilities taken by our company
  • Fuel
  • Driver Cost
  • Total Maintenance of the car
The Owners Liability
  • The Banks EMI in case any.
  • Insurance

Now You Can lease your car & have a complete peace of mind as we will take care of your car for a period of 3 year to 4 years

Making it and assured Returns of minimum 60% on the residual value of the car. That's 20% ROI per year

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