Transportation Fleet Manager

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Current Role

Transportation Fleet Manager

Eligibility Criteria

Male Only
Minimum Qualification requried : Any Graducation


Pune, Mumbai

TFM Overview

TFM is the central command and control center for Transportation Execution across the SelfDrive Fleet Chain network supporting multiple geographies like Pune, Mumbai, Goa. It ensures hassle free, timely pick-up and delivery of cars from clients to SelfDrive HUBs and back to clients. In case of any exceptions, TFM steps in to resolve the issue and keeps all the departments informed on the proceedings. Along with this tactical problem solving TFM is also charged with understanding trends in network exceptions and then automating processes or proposing process changes to streamline operations. This second aspect involves network monitoring and significant analysis of network data. Overall, TFM plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth functioning of SelfDrive Fleet transportation and thereby has a direct impact on SelfDrive ability to serve its customers on time.

Preview of a Transportation

A Transportation Fleet Manager facilitates flow of information between different departments (Delivery Associates/Delivery Service Providers/Station Managers/Customer Service Associates) and resolves any potential issues that impacts customer experience and delivery performance. A Transportation Fleet Manager provides timely resolution to the issue in hand by researching & querying internal tools, by taking real-time decisions and having an effective communication with the departments (over phone or email). An ideal candidate should be able to understand the issue and be able to drive Customer Experience without compromising on time. The candidate should have the basic understanding of Logistics and should be able to communicate clearly in the verbal and written form. The role will require the candidate to communicate with the departments over the phone.

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